How to get involved

Here’s what you need to do to get involved in the Ultimate Golf Challenge.

  1. Nominate Your Team Captain - The Captain will be in charge of registering the team by setting up the team fundraising page.
  2. Go to the 'Register' button on our home page and fill in the necessary information. This will generate a ‘Welcome Pack’ which will be sent to the Team Captain's home address.
  3. Set up your fundraising page - When you have registered via our website you will see a link to set up your fundraising page via JustGiving. You can include as much information as you can to give yourself the best shot of generating lots of interest in your team's efforts. There are also lots of other tips and ideas on how to maximise the money you raise.See tips and advice here.
  4. Choose the day and a course and book your first tee time! - Any day between May 1st and August 31st. Here’s a list of courses on the Wirral who are already involved.
  5. Keep an eye on the live Fundraising leaderboard on our website's home page to see how your efforts compare to other teams taking part!
  6. Good luck and thank you for supporting us!

Fund-raising Four

We want everyone to be able to get involved and raise money to help the UTS Foundation so we have created the Fundraising Four!

All you need to do is try and play the best golf you can on any given day and get people to sponsor you before you tee off!

You can download a score sheet here with some ideas of what challenges you could set yourself.

Download score sheet here