How It Helps?

In the last 12 months over 700 people (741) with a serious illness, or health condition, illness, or need have accessed the rehabilitation services that the UTS Foundation offer.

This includes a comprehensive service that includes an initial health assessment, a tailored programme of support, nutrition and a broad timetable of services; including walking groups, yoga, pilates, 1-1 coaching sessions, fitness and mobility sessions, Foundation Buddies (to exercise and support patients) and Foundation Run Club.

In total there were 6,611 visits between January 2016 and December 2018 to the UTS Foundation demonstrating a strong need for the project and desire to return to the services that they offer.

Each local group that they worked with had various and specific needs, such as cancer, special educational needs, mental health issues and ongoing health issues.

The UTS Foundation has built very strong relationships with partner agencies, such as Wirral NHS, Macmillan Nurses, GP’s, local schools, youth service, police, fire service and specialist services, such as Wirral Hospital School, Autism Together and the Wirral CAMHS.

Every penny raised will go towards helping the most vulnerable people who live in our communities #TOGETHERWERISE

Check out our comprehensive video collection showing the types of people and organisations the UTS Foundation has helped.